4 Minute Concentration

Concentration is not just something you do as an exercise for 10 minutes a day.You can’t develop concentration just with a couple of exercises.

These exercises are important for you to have one place to actually practice, in a controlled environment, how to have a concentrated mind.

But to actually develop a powerful, focused and concentrated mind, you need to use it in your daily life. Everyday.

If you don’t do it, then you won’t change anything in your brain.

How can someone learn a complex skill with just 10 minutes a day? Dare I say it’s impossible?

Regardless of the modern trend of the “4 hour work week” and the “7 minutes abs”, a complex skill like
concentration can’t be developed like that.

The process should go like this:

The first step is actually doing the exercises so you understand experientially what is a concentrated state in its several forms and how to get there.

The exercises are a way to know your mind intimately.

The second step is: as you do the exercises, you constantly do your best to apply it this focused step
in your daily life.

And this is easy explained.

It’s simply focusing your mind on what you are doing, regardless of what it is.

If it’s working, focus on the task at hand (and not on facebook or what you’ll have for lunch).

If it’s reading a book, then you should be completely immersed in the book and its ideas or story.

If it’s being with friends, then it’s really being with them.

Whatever it is, your mind needs to be immersed in it.

This is of course more difficult than it sounds since your mind tends to get distracted and sidetracked with a lot of different things. From cell phones, to other people’s conversations, emails and the most distracting of them all: your inner voice.

It requires a true discipline to be able to focus only on one task excluding everything else.

But once you are able to do it, you also gain a whole new mind and a whole new energy! Having a few hours of fully focused and uninterrupted concentration during your day, can do wonders!

It’s quite different to finish your day after having spent many focused hours and then doing something
relaxing than to feel our mind scattered all over the place.

The Magnetic Gaze is a perfect tool to develop concentration, especially on Level 2, concentration is addressed with powerful exercises and techniques.

Start with the Foundations course here:


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