The 7 Sources of Projection

You may develop your energy to a big degree inside, but if you are blocking its projection, then the effects will be limited.

At least in terms of the influence over others.

You will get the benefits of the energy inside of yourself, but not in your external world.

Often times, you can achieve a lot of proficiency in working with the energy inside of you, but become like a turtle…. using a “shell” to completely block the outside projection.

This “shell” can be a conscious or unconscious decision. The usual scenario is that you are so used to block or repress your energy that it’s simply unconscious decision to keep your energy inside.

In the Personal Magnetism training we discussed and learned the 7 sources of Projection. This is what you need to work on in order for your energy to be felt on the outside.

The 7 sources are:

Voice, Gaze, Touch, Movement, Personal Space, Face, Thoughts

These are your points of connection to the outside world. The ways you have to project your energy.

They all have an intrinsic connection to your internal energy and work like a gate to the outside world. Similar to:

Internal Energy —-> Source of Projection —-> External Energy

When there’s an active block on these sources, your energy is not allowed to come through. The gate is locked.

The more of these sources you are feeling repressed or blocked, the less of your energy is allowed to come through.

This tends to be an all or nothing approach. If you are blocking, then you tend to block all of them. If you are allowing, then you tend to allow all of them.

And when you are training them, once you understand how one works, then it’s much easier to open the other ones.

Some can be stronger projectors than others – and that’s perfectly normal. What you don’t want is the repression or blockage.

Understand your sources of projection with the training:
>>> Personal Magnetism

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