A change in your relationships

As your magnetism changes with the training, it’s perfectly normal that people around you feel it.

And it has certain effects, such as:

– You can fall out with old-time friends

– You can make new friends

– Become closer with other friends that you weren’t close before

– Old romantic relationships end, and new ones begin

This is all related to the energy changes you experience.

Maybe some of your old friends can get used to your new energy and accept it. But more often than not, things change in the old relationships.

It’s easy to understand why. Your friends had a certain feeling when they were around you. But, when your magnetism changes, their feeling is now different.

(and naturally, the same happens with you)

Whether they like (and accept) the new feeling it’s not something you can predict. Sometimes the biggest surprises can happen.

You may ask: “but won’t they be happy with my success?”

This is a challenging question.

It’s usually not a matter of being happy with your success (although it can be). More often than not, it’s simply a matter of feeling something different that they are not used to.

This is what magnetism does: it changes what people around you feel when they are in your presence. We aim at a good change, but even this good change can shock those who are used to something different.

But this is something you’ll need to handle as it happens. Most likely, you don’t want to stay in the same situation as you are in, and you want a change.

The warning is that this change – this hopefully positive change – can have unpredictable consequences. They may look bad in the short term but will look much better in the long term as you develop a new life with people around you that flow with your new energy.

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