A different way to use energy

On the last email we talked about understanding the immense potential energy training may have in your life.

We discussed about how mankind understood how to use fire and started to apply it into different situations of life… with energy being a very similar situation.

Now I want to give you a simple example on how to use energy that may not be the scenario that you’ll immediately think of or something that we talk often, yet, it can be very useful:

Energy mastery can be used for so many different situations, but you can use it in a bodybuilding training.

As you are lifting your weights, focus in increasing the energy density of the muscles that you are working with.

Let’s say you are doing the traditional bicep curl. Place all your attention in increasing the energy density of your arms, or more specifically, in your biceps.

Focus only there and you’ll feel a much bigger tingling and “pump” in those places where your energy is more concentrated.

It’s like, using the same weights, your muscles will work out more due to the larger amount of energy that is being moved to that area.

It doesn’t invalidate any other training routines or physical methods and techniques, it simply potentiates whatever you are using.

It also doesn’t mean that you’ll become Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mr. Olympia, but your muscles will surely grow more this way. It’s inevitable as you are moving a larger amount of energy into that particular smaller space in your body.

Arnold did it using visualization. He said so himself in a famous documentary, each time he was working out, he was visualizing the muscle filling the whole room he was in. He used a different technique but the energetic effect is very similar: an increase of the energy density on that particular muscle.

Energy flows where attention goes.

So you don’t even need THAT much energy mastery to accomplish this, but of course, the more skilled you are in working with energy – and all its related skills like Will, inner power, etc -, the more efficient these type of applications will be.

And this is just a simple example. Even in physical training alone, it can be expanded to so much more!

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