A man of focus, commitment and sheer Will

I recently watched a movie called “John Wick”. It’s one of those action filled type of movies with lots of fighting and gunshots.

Probably not the best choice for a Saturday date night!

But in that movie there was a sentence that struck me:

When John Wick – the movie hero – was being described by a bad guy to his son – the typical mafia spoiled brat -, he used these words:

“John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer Will, something you know very little about”

It also helps that, when this sentence was being said, we were watching John hitting the floor with a hammer – which is a traditional Will symbol.

And indeed most people have no idea what this means.

The Will is now a foreign concept in modern society. Focus and commitment are like dust from an old past.

Very few people apply any kind of Will to their lives.

People want life as comfortable, pleasant and free-flowing as possible. And that’s not a problem in itself. I’m sure you want a comfortable life, as do I.

The problem is that due to this comfort you allow yourself and your mind to become lazy. You forget that you have a Will that can be used to overcome difficulties.

And when a difficulty crosses your path, it’s very easy to quit or to watch a cat video, procrastinating what you have to do.

So when it’s actually necessary to use the Will in your life, it becomes a chore. Something to avoid and that disturbs your zombie like pleasure mode.

Yes, it takes more effort to use the Will than to press play on your netflix.

But the rewards are also greater. As you use your Will more and more, your inner power grows, and so does your sense of accomplishment and connection with your true self.

You’re no longer a zombie that has its attention and focus imposed by big tech companies.

You direct your attention and focus and use your Will to achieve what you truly want to achieve, which I assume is more than simply watching the next season of your favorite tv show.

Then, when you watch a movie, or a TV series or browse the internet – which I also enjoy as much as anyone else – you can enjoy it a lot more, since it’s no longer an automated behavior that you’re having; it’s something you are actively choosing to do on that particular moment.

It’s not a procrastination behavior, it’s a choice.

That’s what we train in the 10 Steps to Inner Power. To have this power of control over your life and mind to a high degree.

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