A persistent energetic block

Sometimes students find out that a particularly stubborn, energetic block was, in fact, a physical one. They even require some medical treatment for that.

It’s perfectly normal and expected that something like this could happen.

A block only tells you that there’s something contracted (and often unpleasant). It doesn’t mean you know the reason for that contraction.

If you have a sharp pain in your foot due to stepping over a nail, you’ll be contracted, and it will also be an energetic block, but you can clearly identify the physical cause.

Just because you are doing an energetic exercise, don’t think it’s only an energetic cause of your feelings, and you don’t need any external medical assistance.

When you become deeply aware of any minor feeling inside, you’re bound to find a lot more about the workings of your body.

And sometimes, you uncover things you don’t want to find inside your body. And I consider it good because at least you catch them early instead of letting them develop inside without control.

The key is knowing which blocks are the ones from trauma or stuck emotions or energetic only and the ones already manifested physically.

The ones that are only energetic tend to happen only in specific situations (as when interacting with someone) rather than always being there.

A contraction from stepping over a nail will not stop until you treat it.

The best judgment in this situation is: when in doubt about any persistent, permanent, recurring block, check with your doctor.

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