A simple concentration tip

Bruce Lee said:

“A warrior is an average man with laser like focus.”

Unmoving focus is a hard skill to grasp these days.

There are hundreds or thousands of calls for our attention during a single day.

Our fast paced life filled with new information, events and contacts is already quite destabilizing for our mind.

When you couple this natural tendency of modern life with the technology that we all have on our pockets, you get a hard to beat combination to distract you of whatever you need to focus on.

You surely need a much stronger inner power, Will and concentration in today’s world than you would in a different time.

Don’t get me wrong, our minds were always prone to distraction. But before, the external world would not be as aggressively seeking for our attention as it is today.

There’s a war going for your attention.

Tech companies improve their algorithms and applications to get you to spend more time in them.

You see it in youtube with recommended videos and auto-play.

You see it on facebook with their endless scrolling and instant messaging.

The same way on instagram with 30 seconds stories so that you keep moving between them.

How can you establish a “laser like focus” if your phone, computer or tablet are ringing every 10 minutes?

Quite the opposite, with all this, you train your mind to be unfocused. You train your mind to interrupt your thought process and focus each time something rings.

It’s very hard to establish the focus.

That’s why one very simple thing you can do to train your concentration and focus is to disable notifications on your devices.

Give yourself the gift of uninterrupted time and thought.

At least this way you only have your natural tendency of the mind to jump between thoughts to fight with and you don’t have anything in the external world to distract you.

It’s hard enough to battle these innate mental tendencies alone without adding the external world to the mix.

Of course, there’s much more to do to reclaim the power of focus of your mind. That’s what we train in the Concentration and Mind Control course.

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