A special partner

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Do you need your partner to have high sexual energy to develop yours?”

Not necessarily.

You may or may not want someone with a lot of sexual energy with you.

Maybe you value other traits not necessarily related to sex.

What is absolutely necessary for you to develop sexual magnetism is that YOU have a lot of sexual energy. And this is not dependent upon anyone else.

Or at least it shouldn’t be.

A high sexual energy partner may bring this up in you.

But you would be taking advantage of your partner’s energy to raise yours. So it will only be an external boost that may end if that relationship ends.

Hence, it’s not a good idea – nor would it be fair to your partner – to let her/him do the sexual heavy lifting for you.

You should bring your own sexual energy to the relationship that complements your partner’s energy. Regardless if that includes sexual energy or not.

You need to develop your own sexual energy, then you may find a partner with the traits you want – which may or may not include a high amount of sexual energy depending on what you want.

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