A very useful skill

The more aware you are of your energy, the more you can change it.

If you can’t feel the energy, you can’t change it – in an efficient way of course.

That’s why we insist so much on developing good energy awareness. Without it, it’s like you are driving blind.

You don’t know where your energy blocks are – or at the very least – you can’t identify the deeper blocks which are most likely causing the behaviors you don’t want.

You can’t differentiate different types of energy, so you won’t know what you are feeling and why.

And you won’t be able to change the energy inside of your body or control it to a high degree.

When you’re aware of all the energy movements inside, then you are able to achieve a great level of control over what goes on inside and outside.

Not only you are able to control the energy inside of yourself, but you’ll also start to become aware of an amazing new energy world outside of yourself. You can feel the energy of other people and the places that you are in.

It’s a useful skill to have since you can feel compatibility and what energy are they projecting when they are with you.

Energy awareness is one of the most useful skills you can develop for benefits in real-world applications. It’s useful both in your own development and improvement but also in the relationships with others since you can go much deeper than the superficial layer we are all used to.

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