A willful decision

When you want to do something, the easiest path is to make a willful decision.

“I want to do X” – “I do X.”

It could be eating less, working out more, dedicating yourself to whatever project or training, etc. It can be as simple as: “I make my bed every morning.”

Either way, you make a willful decision and follow through with it.

The critical part here is really making it willful. It’s making a decision that you know you WANT and WILL do.

Otherwise, it will be just like those who say: “I really should eat less” or “I really should stop smoking,” when they don’t really WANT to do it.

But once you make an actual willful decision, you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you will make it. This will happen!

And an amazing thing happens: it’s actually easier.

When you decide to make a permanent Will decision to do something – let’s say, for example, to eat less- you won’t be as hungry. Somehow you activate your body, mind, and energy, and they know not to send you cravings. Of course, you may have them every once in a while. Still, they will quickly vanish because the Will is overpowering everything else.

When you don’t make this willful decision, everything is a struggle. It seems an impossible task to do because the cravings will be so intense.

We all know someone who stopped smoking from one day to the next, and we all know someone else who had 50 treatments of whatever therapies were in fashion, and nothing worked.

The difference is this true Will decision. A genuine wanting to actually do it.

When the willful decision is there, everything is a lot easier. When it’s not there, you will struggle (with yourself!) every step of the way.

Make a decision: either you genuinely want to and know you will do it, or you don’t and might as well do whatever you want to keep on doing.

The Will is a powerful part of ourselves that we need to understand and use as much as possible to have a fulfilling life, or we don’t use it and have a life of struggle and disappointment.

Know how to work with your Will with the course Will Mastery.

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