Ability to Project Sexual Energy

More than your ability to feel sexual energy, it’s important to be able to project it.

And you don’t need any particular energy technique to do that – although energy techniques are definitely useful for more interesting and powerful applications.

Your ability of projection – whether of sexual energy or any other type of energy – start by allowing the energy to come out. By 100% accepting it.

In other words, if you’re still repressing sexuality in you, then no sexual magnetism technique will ever work for you. This is more of a psychological issue, than an energetic one.

Repressing sexual energy is not just about being able to think or talk openly about sex.

It’s about not being afraid of expressing your sexuality.

It’s about allowing your sexual energy come through.

It’s about having sexual interactions – without having sex.

Not as some strange guy who interacts with people on a weird way. Far from it. It’s about being someone who others feel good around, because of all the pleasant energy you emit.

Most likely you have met some man who is very successful with women, yet, all the guys also feel comfortable around him. He just exudes sexual energy and sexual power. With men or women.

It’s not about him being bisexual. No, far from it. He just allows his sexuality to come out and he is not repressing it. He completely accepts and wants to share his sexual nature.

(Remember, magnetism is an expansion – not a contraction)

Most men – and women – are afraid of allowing the sexual energy to come out. They block it.

But once you are able to completely accept sexual energy, then you don’t need any further techniques. The results will speak for themselves.

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