About rejection – my story

This is a hard topic to deal with.

No one likes being rejected. I’m sure you would prefer to avoid it like the plague.

After all, it’s a big blow to your ego. Someone tells you that she (or he) doesn’t want to be with you.

That simply hurts. No way around it.

Yet… it’s part of the process.

Regardless of the technique or method you use, unfortunately rejection will always be part of your sexual attempts.

Simply because there are many variables mixed in. Maybe she has a happy relationship, maybe it wasn’t a good day for you (or her), maybe her friends poisoned her head, who knows…

Some of those variables are related to you, others won’t be. Sometimes it’s your fault, many times it won’t be.

Either way, rejection will be part of whatever sexual improvement process you go through.

It’s an illusion to think that you can go from “I don’t date anyone” to “I’m a master seducer” without ever getting rejected.

It doesn’t quite matter what technique you use, or worldly success you may achieve or how handsome you are or even how magnetic you are. You’ll never be perfectly suited for everyone and for all situations.

Of course, once your sexual magnetism is fully active, rejection rates will inevitably go down. But never disappear altogether. Simply put, if your rejection rate is 0% is because you are not putting yourself out there.

Years ago I went out with a group of friends, and in this group there was a good friend of mine who is naturally sexually magnetic. I was on the beginning of my learning process of sexual energy, so I – admittedly – wasn’t very good yet.

We all had a nice dinner and went to a large gathering in our city. Eventually, the group dispersed and I lost sight of my sexually magnetic friend (as well as many others in my group).

I vividly remember talking with a woman the rest of the night – she was a friend of a friend in our group. It was an interesting conversation but I was shot down at the end of the night as she told me she had a boyfriend when I asked her out. Of course, I felt terrible and felt that I had wasted a whole night.

I’ve met with my friend a few days later and told him what happened that night. He told me:

“Oh yeah… she was cute, I’ve talked with her for a few minutes. She quickly mentioned her boyfriend so I forgot about her. I ended up hooking with X (someone else from the group).”

I was speechless! There were so many lessons I’ve learned with that simple sentence from him!

1) It doesn’t matter how good looking you are, how rich or how magnetic, rejection will always be part of life. My magnetic friend was rejected by her the same as me, yet it barely registered in his mind, while I ended up thinking about that for days feeling terrible!

2) The quicker you are shot down, the faster you can move on to someone else with a real possibility of success. I invested too much on one person who had already decided wasn’t going to sleep with me. This was due to my fear of actually being a sexual man as I was talking with her.

3) The reason she quickly mentioned her boyfriend with my friend and not with me was because he was a lot more sexually magnetic, hence she felt the sexual intentions from him much earlier. I was “neutral” most of the night, so she didn’t felt the need say anything. From that day on, I learned the importance of increasing my sexual intensity!

Don’t be afraid of rejection. It’s part of life. But cut your losses soon and quickly move on.

As I’ve told you before “if you want to have sex, you need to be sexual”. Yes, you can get rejected anyway, but you’ll have a lot more possibilities around you!

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