Accepting your sexual energy in all its forms

Although it seems like common sense, you can’t really develop sexual energy without accepting your own sexuality.

And this goes even further than sexual energy. In Sexual Energy Mastery you learn to become aware and accept this energy in your body.

Then there are the psychological barriers around sex which we handle on Become a Sexual Man.

But, underlying all this, there’s your own intention to fully accept sexuality in you, in all its manifestations. And this is something no training can give you.

The training can only give you the awareness of it. Acceptance or resistance comes from you.

It’s your own intention.

If you still resist sexuality and its manifestations then it will be hard to change anything related to it.

This is particularly evident and common among sexual energy students in interactions where sexuality needs to be projected.

There’s often heavy resistance when it’s time to project sexuality to the outside world.

Being accepting of sexual energy while alone in your room, tends to be easier.

Doing the same on the outside world, in interactions, is more challenging.

Other types of resistances come into play. What if I’m rejected? What if I fail? What if she doesn’t like me? What if I’m misunderstood?

So it’s easier to push sexuality deep down and be as neutral as possible. Then all these anxieties will be smoothed.

But a larger anxiety will remain there. One that will only subside by the full acceptance of your sexuality.

With that said, and as I keep on mentioning to avoid confusion, you don’t need to be overtly sexual or even talk about sex at all.

You could be talking about the weather or agriculture, yet, when you are fully accepting your own sexuality, others will feel it and react to it.

There’s an intention which can’t be faked.

And it must come from you.

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