Achieving the unattainable goal of sexual magnetism

Students of sexual magnetism often have a certain belief, or a way to approach sexual magnetism, that is not very conductive to success.

It’s to approach it as if it’s the holy grail.

To place sexual magnetism in a high pedestal.

And there’s a good reason for it.

Sexual magnetism indeed is very powerful and has the potential to change your life in amazingly fun ways.

Particularly if you never had it before, it can be a dramatic change.

But, with that said…

As great as sexual magnetism may be, and as important as the changes it may bring to your life are, you must approach it as something fully normal, not as the holy grail.

Considering the holy grail is that unattainable goal, it will tend to remain that way. It’s something you’ll never reach if you place it on a high pedestal.

It’s like you are saying you are unworthy of it.

This type of belief of sexual magnetism as the holy grail can be in the form of an inner dialogue as if you are constantly repeating to yourself how amazing it would be when you become sexually magnetic. And this way, it’s always something you’ll look to the future – and not to the present.

Instead you want to look at it this way: “How can I become just a bit more sexually magnetic TODAY?”

Not movie star type of sexual magnetism 50 years from now, but how can you become just a tiny bit more TODAY?

It can also take place as an internal feeling. Something you feel it’s beyond your reach. And if that’s the case, you must look at it energetically and release this negative feeling inside.

Allow it to flow. Which is nothing more than accepting sexual energy, sex and everything associated with it in your life.

In other words, the more you accept sexual energy – and sex – as something normal for you, the easier it will be to develop it.

The more you place it as an holy grail, as something as great as winning the lottery, the less chances you’ll have of actually achieving it, since it will be considered by your mind as something unattainable, as something constantly in the future.

This is a key aspect in any process of manifestation, and it’s the same in training any type of energy or magnetism, not just sexual magnetism (that I’ve used now as an example of this principle).

No one ever achieves unattainable goals. But you can be just a tiny bit more sexually magnetic today, you can focus on one thing today that will help you get there. And when you improve just this tiny bit everyday, you can reach your apparent unattainable goal a lot easier!

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