Act of Will

There’s a very good exercise you can use to increase your Will and to recognize your Inner Power, we use it on the Will Power course.

First, fill a glass of water

Stand up and get your spine straight, pickup the glass of water with your right hand, extend your arm fully in front of you and be there 1m with your arm stretched in front of you trying to keep the water absolutely still, no movement whatsoever in the water.

When you’re done change hands and do the exercise with your left arm.

Try to increase 1m a day until you reach 10m with each arm.

This seems like a rather simplistic exercise – not to mention boring. But if you only take this exercise as it is, you’ll miss it’s most important point:

which is to find your own Will, to find your own power as you do it.

You see, you can have several attitudes when you do this exercise. Like:

“Let’s try it out and see if it works”

And after 5 minutes you say…

“This is boring as a s!$&%! It’s enough!”

Or you can go with a neutral mind and just be there doing the exercise as if you’re eating a ice cream or watching TV. It’s as good thing to do as any other.

Or you can say:

“Hey this is a good exercise to increase my Will, let’s do it”. Yet, although you have a good intention, you are not feeling it. Something doesn’t click.

And you continue to do it day after day but nothing really happens.


Because these kind of exercises are only really useful if you have the right kind of attitude.

They must be an “Act of Will”.

It must something you feel on a visceral level, inside of yourself. An inner power that you recognize and elicit at will.

It’s not something you “think your way to”.

It’s something you feel.

If this powerful feeling is not there, no amount of exercises are ever enough.

More on this soon!

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