Acting instead of reacting

To follow the way of the Will and become a charismatic individual, you can’t reactively move through the world.

That’s the behavior of an animal.

It’s an entirely unconscious way of living. They react to external or internal stimuli without an awareness of what they genuinely want to be doing.

There’s no connection to the Will involved in their behaviors since they are simply reacting.

And many people behave like that. Their behaviors in the world it’s in reaction to external or internal stimuli.

Their body tells them they need sugar, so they eat candy.

Their emotions tell them to be mad, and so they are angry.

Their mind tells them to believe in something, so they do it.

There is no awareness and no conscious decision through your Will.

Just a reaction.

But to become genuinely charismatic, you need to start ACTING in the world instead of REACTING. Reacting can only lead to unconscious behaviors and actions. Not the way of the Will nor the way of a charismatic individual.

But instead, when you act – instead of reacting – you are aware of your actions, and you need to position yourself in a conscious decision.

You are no longer blindly following your body, emotions, or mind. Instead, you are following your Will.

To understand your Will and how you can connect with it, we developed the course: Will Mastery.

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