Actions vs reactions

At a certain moment when you are learning inner power and magnetism, you understand an important aspect of guiding your life.

You don’t want to react. You want to act!

If we can sum up inner power in one sentence, this would be a great candidate.

That’s what inner power is all about.

Most problems steam from reaction. You react to your inner voice, to what other people do, to events and so on.
When you react, you are not consciously thinking. You are following your unconscious instincts.

They may be good…as for example, it’s important that you react quickly when you hear a horn as you are crossing the street. You may get run over. Or that you immediately remove your hand as you touch a hot surface.

Those are good reactions.

But on most of your everyday life, you don’t have such immediate dangers that need the quick reaction times of your unconscious. At least for most of us.

You need to learn how to ACT, instead of react.

When you act, you are conscious and aware. Your actions come from a place of power – connected to the Will.

A reaction is not connected to the Will. Is linked to survival, to instinct. If your unconscious has been serving you well, then it won’t be a big problem. But I’m sure that in certain situations, your reactions have not been the most suited ones.

Such as bringing you anxiety when there’s no life threatening danger. Or behaving in a weak way in front of other people and so on.

Those are all symptoms of reactions you have to certain events.

As you keep developing inner power, these reactions will decrease, and your conscious, wilful actions increase.

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