Activation and uses of the Will

A famous personal magnetism author, Paul Jagot wrote:

“A sufficiently large purpose and motivation can activate your Will; however it can rapidly decay if you don’t have the necessary energy to produce the psychic activity.

Many problems of your Will originate from a reduce production of tension energy. All those who are weak, waste too much of this precious energy, and just by retaining it, they could instantly improve their own state.

You need to retain in all your centers the tension energy that is being wasted in useless behaviors. When this happens, you are invigorating your Will faculty that gains the necessary strength to exert its action when the opportunity presents itself.


You should oppose your slacking off, indecision and inertia with your superior Will. Repeat constantly that you won’t allow your lower and inferior tendencies to stop you from achieving your highest desires.

You need to consider that your Will means a direct or indirect advantage over others; you need to keep in mind that your Will regulates the efficacy of your reactions against all the negative circumstances of your life as well as your action toward what you want.”

There are three important points in this brief quote:

1) Will is always accompanied by tension energy. All those that are developing their own Wills and energy for sure have noticed this in practice. Particularly in the Act of will training.

2) If you don’t have sufficient tension energy, most likely it’s due to the energy leaks that you have.

Depending on where you are in your training, it might be more worthwhile to fix your leaks and blocks, with something like The Unblocking Process, rather than adding more tension energy exercises to it.

If your body is like a bowl with a hole in the bottom, then the exercises for increasing energy will never be enough. The energy will always leak from the bottom. Make sure you fix most of your blocks and leaks.

3) The Will is not only important to overcome negative situations of your life, but also to propel you toward what you want to achieve.

Both of them are important aspects and applications of the Will, which is – most likely – the more important skill you may have in your arsenal.

Start your Will training with the 10 Steps to Inner Power course.

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