Addictions and inner power

I’ve often received questions similar to this one:

“Do I still have Inner Power if I’m addicted to something?”

This something may be eating, drinking, sex, drugs, etc.

Indeed the main problem – regarding the Will and inner power – is not that you are consuming/doing any of these things.

The problem only happens if you can’t stop them.

Which means that they rule over you. On in other words, the needs of your body – your lower self – is ruling over your higher self.

In this situation, your Will is subjected to the body and mind, and not the other way around.

There’s no inner power here.

Inner Power means that your higher self rules over your lower self. Your Will rules over your mind, body and energy.

Whatever you set your mind, you do it.

You want your Will to be like a military General. It doesn’t matter what your soldiers were doing in their play time, but when the General gets into the barracks they all stand at attention, saluting him with full respect.

Your soldiers could be playing cards, having fun, drinking, smoking, listening to music… but when the General enters, everything stops and they obey him.

Everything is put aside and the General orders have full priority and focus.

With inner power is the same thing. Have as much as fun as you’d like. Drink, eat, have sex, sleep, do whatever you want.

Satisfy whatever needs for as long as you want.

But the moment you set your Will to something, you can stop everything else without a hassle. No complaining, no urges, nothing. You simply focus on what you want to be focused.

This means for example that, if you are a smoker, you can easily drop your smoking for as long as you want. Or forever, if you want.

Or that if you find a lot of pleasure in food, you can instantly fast for a week if you want. Or you can go by just eating bread and drinking water for a week.

The Will is your General and the body and mind are your soldiers.

That’s why you may see a lot of mystics or initiates binging on this earthly pleasures. Nothing wrong with that, but they aren’t addicted to them. The Will can regain control as soon as it likes – or at least in the true initiates.

So inner power doesn’t have to be a pleasurableness life. You can still do/consume whatever you want for as long as you want, just make sure that your Will can be control whenever you want.

The problem is the addiction, not the actual act of doing something.

That’s what we work in the 10 Steps to Inner Power!

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