Adjusting your inner power

Many students still confuse inner power with apathy, coldness, or distancing from others.

But that’s not true inner power.

You can have inner power and be as warm or distant from others as your personality or circumstances dictates.

Just because you develop inner power doesn’t mean you’ll need to stop being generous, warm, or considerate.

This ice-cold conception of power probably comes from Niccolo Machiavelli, which is not what we consider inner power. In the XVI century, Machiavelli wrote about achieving (and keeping) political power. Instead, we are developing inner power – which is quite different.

You will only need such a permanent aggressive, and powerful stance if you live in life-threatening circumstances. It may be the case that you need it – or need it often – so you need to develop the adaptability of your own power.

Being cold and aggressive may suit you during a war but won’t serve you in a normal social or business life.

What’s important is that you develop this flexibility and adaptability of your own power. It’s not about constantly giving in, but it’s also not about constantly pushing it. There are situations where you need more of it and others where you need less.

The barometer is the critical part. This is the opposite of having a strict one-dimensional type of behavior.

True inner power means adjusting your stance, behaviors, and actions according to your circumstances.

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