Advanced Energy Science is now available!

I am happy to announce the release of a new Charisma School training:

Advanced Energy Science – The Energy Laws

This course aims to discover the laws that govern the energy inside your body. This is the equivalent of learning the inside mechanics of a car and the workings of the engine.

You may choose to simply drive it, or you can go deeper. In this training, we go deeper.

So, this is NOT a course for those who want quick and dirty exercises for personal magnetism. For that, we have other solutions.

This is an in-depth energy awareness and workings of energy. Hence, if you don’t have the necessary diligence to take a good look inside and feel whatever you are feeling, this is not the course for you.

It’s also not about any specific energy system.

I won’t describe an energy system theory for you to feel later. You uncover the energy laws for yourself with simple exercises.

With the awareness you’ll gain with this training, you can work with whatever energy system you choose.

This course was years in the making since it was necessary to structure and develop the correct way for you to be aware of these laws.

But it’s finally ready!

You can find further information here:
>>> Advanced Energy Science

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