Advanced Energy Science

Energy awareness goes much deeper than what it looks at first glance.

Everyone thinks they feel the energy and energy flow because they have been to some yoga class or chakra meditation or something like that.

But very often, what they feel is a superficial, outward layer — the basic energy flow. Just the most obvious feeling, neglecting all the deeper layers.

And that’s ok since we need to start somewhere, and naturally, we start with this outer layer, the most apparent feelings.

Just don’t think that is all there is.

We can go much deeper, and as we do, we discover all the many subcomponents of your energy system. We become aware of what runs through us and how our internal system works.

The way we at Charisma School do this is much different than the other energetic schools. Rather than give you a particular energy theory for you to confirm, we take the other way around. First, you notice what you feel, and then you may think about what’s happening.

Always start with what you feel.

We propose to do that in the new energy course released next week – September 6th: Advanced Energy Science – The Energy Laws.

You’ll dig deep into your own energy system, always anchored with what you’re feeling, with specific exercises that allow you to increase your energy awareness to much higher levels.

It’s not a theoretical treaty on all energy systems. It’s practical, hands-on training to bring your energy awareness to a whole new level.

More information soon.

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