Does Age influence Charisma?

Here’s a question from a reader of this newsletter:

“Can your energy development be delayed as in as your growing up? Because I’m 19 and I’m just beginning to feel energy. Why is that?”

No. Energy development is not related to age in anyway.

I started on my teenage years and it was never a problem to feel the energy due to my young age.

It’s related to practice.

The more you practice the more you feel.

This is true whether you are 19 or 99. Fortunately for all of us, it’s not a training that you need to start early or a training that you need to wait until you’re much older.

You can start just as soon as you have enough maturity to follow instructions and have some

In fact, if you started when you were a small child (obviously with adjusted teachings and exercises) it would be even better since all your brain, mind and energy would be conditioned to magnetic state of mind without effort.

But unfortunately, not many of us have this luck.

We do have the luck to have these kind of exercises available to us, when many other generations didn’t.

In our age, many previously hidden teachings have been revealed. Not just for charisma and magnetism, but if you notice around you, most of the esoteric teachings that were held in secrecy are now available at the cost of a seminar, course or book.

We are lucky indeed to live in this interesting time.

This doesn’t makes them easier though… it just makes them available.

You still have to practice and adapt them into your own life.

This is where the hard part is.

Especially with charisma, magnetism and overall energy work.

Whether you are 19 or 99, they are still hard to adapt and train. So you’ll be having the same troubles at 19 or at 99.

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