Alignment With Your Will

Having a well directed Will is essential in todays age.It’s very easy to get dispersed and fragmented in your multitude of desires.

If you are not truly aligned with your Will, it’s very easy to get lost.

And as Seneca said:

“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.”

Now it’s common to just live the day to day life. Do what needs to be done today in a path someone else set out for you. Or, a path you set out for yourself based on what you “should” do.

No deep thinking, reflection and connection with your true Will.

One of the problems of living like this is that it seems there’s always a feeling that we’re supposed to be doing something else. It seems we are living the life of someone else.

We’re not aligned to our Will and our true purpose.

So we don’t have the peace of mind and direction that we’re doing what we were born to do.

And when you don’t have it, you also don’t have the power of the Will behind your actions, which is something that gives you an extra boost.

It’s a power that allows you to overcome the adversities and take the advantage of the favorable winds.

That’s why self-reflection and awareness of our mind, body and energy are some of the greatest skills you can develop.

Keep in mind that I wrote skills and not gifts.

They are not gifts from god. They are skills you develop over your life.

To get to know yourself and to perfectly align all aspects of yourself to your Will.

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