Aliveness and Personal Magnetism

Magnetism and aliveness might as well be synonyms. You can’t be dead inside and still have personal magnetism.

Most people are walking dead. True zombies.

They are doing what they don’t want to do most of the day and then numbing themselves down with mindless entertainment.

They don’t feel anything inside. Everything is just numb.

You can’t expect to elicit strong reactions in others (whether sexually or any other type) if you are numb inside.

An important difference is that aliveness (or magnetism) doesn’t equal extroversion or constantly moving around like a headless chicken.

You can be perfectly quiet, without moving and still be more alive than someone next to you talking non-stop.

The important part is having this internal aliveness.

Feeling your energy moving inside. Feeling your mind being active. Everything is dynamic inside of you, even if outside you can be perfectly still.

When you start to practice these techniques of personal magnetism, you discover a whole world inside.

A world you never knew existed.

You discover how energy flows, where your energy gets stuck, to differentiate between different types of energy inside, among many other things.

Once you accept this energy as part of you and you accept this energy to work through you, then you are transformed.

You will no longer feel like a zombie. You will feel alive.

Discover this new world inside of you with the Vitality and Energy Training.

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