Aliveness and variety as a magnetic key!

One of the key aspects of personal magnetism is aliveness.

Magnetism can’t be monotonous. It needs to be alive.

When I say monotonous, I’m saying that your voice sounds the same, your eyes feel dull, your movements are too robotic, and so forth.

There’s no variety and magnetism thrives on it!

I’m sure you remember a particularly boring teacher from school that constantly talked in the same monotone voice for the whole lecture.

I don’t need to tell you that it’s NOT magnetic. When there’s no variety, there’s no magnetism. And you do need aliveness for variety.

Aliveness means energy is moving inside, you are excited, you want to exteriorize something.

It doesn’t mean that you need to be like a headless chicken running around. Not at all.

But you do need this internal dynamic movement to show anything on the outside.

You can fake it. You can learn dynamic voice variations, or how to move with more energy. But that’s not the goal.

I don’t value “fakeness”. I value that you actually create this internal drive. You create an internal energy movement and connect it to your outside projections in a way that they are filled with this aliveness.

But it goes from the inside to the outside. Not the other way around.

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