Allow yourself to be felt

On the previous email we talked about the true secret of projection not being any projection techniques, but instead working on your own projection blocks.
You are the one holding yourself back from projection, not the lack of influencing techniques.
This is the same as what we discussed before about overtaxing your Will instead of working on Inner Power.
If you continuously see yourself placing a lot of strength of the Will for influencing, you know you’re doing something wrong.
Projection is a lot smoother; your energy flows a lot smoother. You don’t need to use THAT much of the Will.
Sure, there are situations or techniques where you might need it. But overall, during the course of your training, you want to DECREASE your effort to project and influence, not increase.
And, of course, getting more results.
Yes, you read that right:
You want to DECREASE your effort and power you use when influencing someone. Not increase it.
If you see yourself needing to increase it often, then you know your projection blocks are very much active.
You are preventing the energy from going out. Even if you feel the energy quite clearly flowing inside, it’s quite different to feel it going out.
We are talking about (apparently) different worlds. One thing is what you feel inside, another thing is what is going out. It can be completely different.
For example, if you are not getting the external results you are after, even if you feel a lot of energy inside – and good quality energy -, then you know you are stopping the projection.
You need to open yourself to the external world and work on the fear that other people actually feel you.
That’s the most common issue. We’re all mighty and powerful in our own rooms, but then we get out into the world, and we look like a turtle inside the shell.
Allowing yourself to be felt in the external world, getting rid of this fear, is the true projection work.
Work on your own projection blocks with the course:

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