How to be always in the mood

A laser targeted mind and a willful life is much more than just having focus in what you’re doing. As important as that is (and we have discussed it very often in this newsletter), the most important benefit that comes from it is actually doing and producing much more than your average individual.

Why does this happen?

Why can you produce more with a laser focused mind?

It’s not just because you are faster due to the focused mind. Although that definitely happens.

It’s also not just because you don’t have distractions interrupting your work flow. Although that obviously helps a good deal.

But the most important reason is because your mind changes to be constantly focusing in what you want to do, as opposed to being carried by where your mood sways you. It’s not the first time I have written about this.

It’s interesting that the most prolific individuals I know, are always in the “mood” to do their work. Or saying it in different words, even though they may not be “in the mood”, they quickly change their mood when they have to get things done!

They don’t wait for the “muse” to strike. Instead, they provoke the attack of the muse by their actions.

As I personally talked with a prolific writer which is a good friend, he told me that he never has writer’s block. He just sits down everyday at the same time and writes, regardless if the “muse” has struck or not, he just writes.

(then he edits ruthlessly!)

Changing your mind, your will and inner power to always be under your control, it’s not just something for personal magnetism – which is a necessity as you know -, but it’s also something to improve your life in many different ways.

But the most important one is being in control of what you WANT to do and actually doing it regardless of the many “mind moods”, distractions, emotions, life events and so on.

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