Am I a difficult case for energy awareness?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“I used to frequent a meditation group where they did meditations using visualizations, but I could hardly ever feel anything the other people were mentioning. Am I a difficult case for the energy awareness?”

I can’t tell you if you are a “difficult case” but I can tell that it’s hard to feel anything from visualization alone.

Particularly if you never had any kind of energy training before.

This can change once you are very much aware of your energy. Once this happens, then visualization can be as good of a tool as any.

In fact, it’s like you have opened the doors to a whole new world, and now you can enter it any way you want. It doesn’t matter which road you take, you’ll get there.

When you know how to drive, you can drive any car. This is the same thing.

But if that’s not the case – if you haven’t trained energetic methods – then visualization is a bad method to start to achieve it.

Some people might be able to do it, but the vast majority won’t.

I certainly didn’t.

And I also experimented with these type of “meditations” before. Yet, aside from a pleasant daydream, I couldn’t feel much. My experience was the same as most other people.

Things changed after I learned magnetism and energy awareness and control.

Once I started with the magnetic method, I could actually FEEL.

Energy is not something vague and ambiguous. It’s not like a fuzzy daydream where maybe something happens inside.

It’s very concrete, detailed and objective.

Once you feel it, you have no question about what it is. There’s no “fuzzyness” or ambiguous feelings. It’s something you have inside and can objectively sense.

We work on visualization on the Concentration and Mind Control training since it’s a great method for improving your focus. We also use it sporadically on other trainings. However… for beginning your training in energy awareness and control, we don’t use it and stay well away from it. It’s very easy to fool yourself into thinking that you are feeling energy when you aren’t.

After you have your energy basics covered and well developed, then you can use visualization at will!

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