An exercise for sexual magnetism

When I was learning sexual magnetism, there was an exercise I did each time I encounter a sexually magnetic man.

In my head there was always the question: “What’s the difference from me to this sexually magnetic man? What does he do/has that I don’t or what I do/have that he doesn’t?”

So I would glue myself to him and try to be around him as much as possible so I could observe him in as much different situations as possible.

I would go much deeper than what he was saying.

I would observe his energy, facial expressions, voice, movements, gaze and so on.

Most importantly, I would observe him in interactions. Particularly when flirting.

This is when they would really shine and the full blown sexual energy would come out.

Fortunately, my energy awareness was already somewhat good by that time, so having the energy awareness of all his projection sources was not that hard.

I always learned a lot from this exercise.

Particularly when I compared different sexually magnetic men. Although they all had different “quirks”, the energy was always the same. It was just projected differently or using different projection sources or different qualities.

Then I would compare with any NON-sexually magnetic men. “Normal” guys. I would purposefully select “normal” ones and not below average in terms of looks or interactions.

And still the difference was night from day!

And although anyone could get that there was a big difference between them, most people can’t really understand why or tell you any specifics.

That was my work at the time: learning to build the bridge between me and them, one block at a time.

One of my main issues was precisely about blocking projection. I had a good energy awareness, I could perfectly feel sexual energy, yet, I wasn’t projecting anything.

And they were.

At that time I was too afraid of establishing my sexual intentions. I would think: “What if she realizes that I’m flirting with her? What if she realizes about my sexual intentions?”

Well… guess what? With the sexually magnetic men, everyone knew what they wanted. Everyone knew about their intentions. It was clear as day.

But still it worked!

Because there’s a difference between establishing sexual intention when you’re being sexually magnetic versus establishing sexual intention when you’re being completely neutral (or worse, with a negative magnetism).

In other words, if you are trying to establish your sexual intention without any kind of sexuality, neutral projections, no energetic connection with the person in front of you… then it will bomb!


If you are trying to establish your sexual intention with a great sexual projection and good energetic connection, then success is bound to happen! And it won’t really matter.

As soon as you start to add even minor sexual energy projection behaviors, your results instantly change.

But you do need to make sure that you are projecting sexual energy. No miracles will come if you don’t.

That’s exactly what we work in Become a Sexual Man training!

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