An ounce of practice is a worth a ton of theory

In Charisma School, during your energy training, you’ll find that you understand things not theoretically, but experientially. In other words, you grow in your energy skills by experience, not by theoretically knowing something.

Which gives you a very down to earth knowledge of the topic.

Maybe you don’t know the latest theories around the topic, but you sure know HOW to use it! This is like driving. You learn how to drive by actually sitting in the car and drive, not by reading books about it.

You can spend dozens of hours reading books on driving before you actually sit in a driver’s seat, but that’s not going to help you much when you start your engine.

You need to actually do it, not read about it.

In energy work, particularly in the beginning, it’s not very useful to know the theory. It doesn’t matter if you read X and Y authors that describe the different energies, the different scientific research on what energy is all about or all the chakra descriptions.

Knowing this might make you sound very spiritual on your next family dinner but it won’t help you mastering energy.

In fact, it can be quite confusing since everyone has a different approach to the subject… which is natural, considering are describing an internal phenomenon where words are not accurate enough.

It’s a lot more useful to do the work. To practice the internal awareness.

As Gandhi very well mentioned: “An ounce of practice is a worth a ton of theory”.

There’s no replacement for feeling what’s inside.

I can write many books that talk about energy but that’s not going to help you. What really helps you is closing your eyes, dive deep into your body and explore it’s myriad feelings.

How they appear, how they move, what qualities do they have, what exactly do they feel like, do they change? And so on. Starting by the most obvious feelings and little by little diving into the more subtle ones.

That’s the true key and the way everyone who mastered energy has learned. There’s no way around this internal exploration.

In Vitality and Energy Training you have specific exercises that will take you from ground zero – “I don’t feel anything” – to being able to feel and move energy around your body. Not by reading about it, but by actually practicing it with specific exercises especially chosen in a precise sequence.

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