Anxiety and Charisma – Energetic Analysis

Anxiety can be quite a negative trait for charisma. Today we will understand exactly why.

I’m sure you remember the feeling of anxiety. Your hearts gets accelerated, you start to sweat more, you don’t know what to say… overall, you don’t feel good.

It usually happens in important situations for you but it can also happen in normal everyday life (particularly in people with chronic anxiety).

So it’s either in an important situation when you have to give a speech or in some sort of normal everyday life situation, like a date or a meeting with friends.

It sure doesn’t help you!

But… what exactly happens in terms of energy? Why does it affects your charisma?

It’s two main factors (in the middle of a myriad of smaller effects):

1) First, it increases the energy of your body on an uncontrollable way.

You can see it on the elevated heart beat, sweaty palms, racing thoughts, among others. While Tension Energy exercises or the Act of Will you are increasing energy inside of you in a controllable and desirable way… with anxiety the energy rises uncontrollably.

It’s the difference between you wanting to speed up in your car OR the car speeding up uncontrollably.

It can be quite scary to NOT be in control.

And when you feel this rise of energy inside of you with no apparent explanation, you start to panic, your thoughts get more negative and you want to resist the feeling. An easy solution to this, to improve your management of this situation, is not resisting this rising of energy at all.

Just accept whatever you are feeling allowing the energy to flow. This is something easier to do for those who have done the Vitality and Energy Training.

2) The second factor is that it blocks your energy projection.

When anxiety is high you aren’t able to project what you want.

On most situations you close yourself down, or worse, you project and externalize all the negativity and nervous feelings that you are feeling inside.

This is a defense mechanism of your body and energy and not helpful at all for being magnetic.

It’s easy to understand the reason why this happens. You start to feel this uncontrollable rising of the energy, you get nervous, you just want to leave, hence you start to close down on yourself. Sometimes you can avoid projecting the nervousness you are feeling, other times you can’t and everyone knows you are anxious.

Either way, no personal magnetism is projected since there’s a greater and uncontrollable energy that took the center stage.

There are of course several different solutions for handling anxiety, understanding your bodily energy is certainly one of the best ones as we do in the Vitality and Energy Training.

And overall, the more you can reduce it – while increasing the energy in a controllable way – the better it will be for your magnetism.

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