Application of knowledge

All the magnetic knowledge you may possess is worth very little if it’s not applied. It’s in the application that the true art lies.

What is it really worth to know the laws of physics if we don’t use them to improve our living conditions or live better with nature?

I’m sure you don’t need more information, the internet is filled with it. And knowledge for the sake of knowledge is not what magnetism is all about.

Sure, it’s interesting to theoretically know the background and the exercises. But if you don’t actually do and master them, what’s the use? Maybe for an academic thesis, that will be useful. Other than that, not much.

It’s as helpful as reading a bodybuilding book without practicing it.

That’s why we focus mainly on the application- the actual training. The “magic” lies here.

The exercises may seem easy and straightforward, but plenty of challenges and difficulties arise when you start to do them with an aware mind. Most of them are specific to your own conditions.

But these are more than difficulties to overcome. They are specific difficulties for YOU. In that sense, they work as a mirror for yourself.

The exercises and practices will tell you exactly your main issues, aiding in genuinely knowing yourself and developing a great magnetism.

Pay attention to your practice, but also don’t do it just for the sake of doing it. Instead, do it with an aware and conscious mind, treating it as a mirror to yourself, and you’ll get a lot more out of it.

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