Apply Will at your Full Capacity

The occultist L. W. Laurence wrote:“The student who has developed will-power can, without doubt, influence his fellow beings to do that which he wills them to do. It is this unseen element that often causes men and women to do things in business, social and domestic life that their ordinary common sense and reason would reject; yet, under the magnetic personality of another they do it without thought, impressed that their acts are the outcome of their own natural inclinations”

I would like to comment on this phrase by L. W. Laurence.

The will power he mentions is much more than what you may consider at first glance.

You may think of will power as trying to avoid eating that cookie or making an effort to quit smoking or some other bad habit.

You may consider it as that repressive Victorian Will where we need to push down our immediate desire:

“I can’t eat that cookie. I will eat that apple instead”.

But the will-power the author mentions goes much further than this.

It’s a connection to your true self. It’s a pure self-consciousness where we act from one central place.

Not only that but it’s knowing how to use it in your daily life. What we call the “Will State”.

A way to apply our Will in it’s full capacity. A way to truly connect with it

If you think that just because you can avoid eating that cookie or force yourself to do something, your Will is well developed then you are mistaken.

That’s not a well developed Will.

That’s ONE PART of a well developed Will. But certainly not enough.

To achieve that you need to be able to access your Will State (that we teach in a bonus training available to all our students), use it often during your day, as well as develop your own inner power (that we teach on the 10 Steps).

Once both of these steps are a part of you, then you get something inside of you which no one can take away. The kind of “will-power” L. W. Laurence mentions that has the ability to influence.

But they need to be more than a simple exercises you did for a couple of weeks. They need to become part of your own life.

Something you are, rather than something you do.

That’s true “will-power”.

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