Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Does a sexual man have approach anxiety?”

Depends on how you FEEL (and what you consider) approach anxiety.

It’s perfectly normal to have the “butterflies in your stomach feeling” when approaching some stranger you find attractive.

In fact, something must feel necessarily different in you. Otherwise there would be no difference in approaching an old lady on a bus stop or an attractive woman.

Whether you feel it or not, sexual energy is generated automatically when you see someone you find attractive.

Now, the problem is when it’s associated with a paralyzing fear that doesn’t allow you to do anything or simply become obsessively nervous.

What happens in this situation is that you may even start with this “butterflies in your stomach” type of feeling, but it quickly escalates it to paralyzing fear.

Then you become already conditioned and fearful of the whole experience – based on a whole range of past events.

Yet, the most common reason to avoid approaching someone you find attractive is not even paralyzing fear. It’s rationalization.

You tend to think of ways of why you shouldn’t interact with that person. And naturally find many other reasons. So, most of the time, the problem is not paralyzing fear.

If you are a sexually magnetic person you can feel this “butterflies in your stomach” feeling, you can still be shy and not approach strangers that often.

It’s not like you need to approach strangers to be sexually magnetic.

This is a type of energy inside of you, not something you do (or don’t do).

As we discussed before, being sexually magnetic does not mean you are extroverted. There are plenty of sexually magnetic individuals who are shy.

And how about the “paralyzing fear”? Can you still have it?

Depends on how you develop your sexual magnetism.

In theory, a “natural” sexually magnetic individual could be fearful of initiating the approach of a stranger. Someone who hasn’t trained or developed himself (or herself).

Yet, this person could be very sexually magnetic. Most likely, he or she always had people approaching them, not the other way around.

But, the way we teach sexual (and personal) magnetism in Charisma School, we aim to eradicate this fear and establish inner power and a solid Will.

So the paralyzing fear would vanish.

That’s why inner power is a prequel to all trainings of sexual energy. It’s simply much harder to do without it.

Start your inner power training with the 10 Steps to Inner Power, and proceed to the Sexual Energy Mastery to discover your own sexual magnetism.