Are energy blocks bad for you?

I’ve written before about energy blocks and what exactly are them.
In short: energy blocks are like knots in the energetic highways. They don’t allow the energy to move from point A to point B. They congest the whole system.
So, they are definitely a negative aspect inside of you. The more you allow our energy to flow, the better you are able to achieve what you want to achieve.
But you have to learn how to live with energy blocks (as well as getting rid of them!). Regardless of how advanced you are, if you live in the modern world, energy blocks are inevitable – that’s why it’s crucial to learn how to work with them.
Let’s say your boss does something you don’t like, but you can’t exactly do what you want to do, which is explode and tell him to #!&$! off.
If you want to keep your job, you need to be civil – at the very least.
But, if you have ever done this – controlling yourself not to explode – you know how tense you become.
What does this mean?
Instead of the energy flowing (as it should), you don’t allow it to go through. You are tensing something inside – creating a block – and the energy gets stuck in that place that you are tensing.
That’s the genesis of the energy block.
Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this is a bad reaction and that you should be exploding to the full force of your emotions to avoid the energy block.
If everyone did this, society will be much harder to live in.
We can’t live in an orderly society by always externally expressing – to the full force of our emotions – everything we feel.
But by tensing something inside (whether a muscle or your energy), you are creating a barricade on the energetic highway. The energy doesn’t go through as it should.
The problem is that this block keeps staying there. It doesn’t vanish later.
And if you don’t do the “maintenance” of this energetic highway, this block never gets cleared.
Doing this one time is not a big deal… but think about the accumulation of energy blocks throughout your whole life.
Now it gets a lot more serious.
You’ll have many blocked energetic highways that are conditioning the way energy circulates (or doesn’t circulate!) inside of you.
And this “explosive” energy needs to circulate. It won’t simply disappear. If there’s something that modern physics has taught us is that energy never simply vanishes out of thin air.
So it has to find a different outlet, a different way to express itself. Only now it won’t be in a way that is the most healthy for you. Now it will be unconscious and maybe you won’t like the outlet very much.
Maybe it’s through a panic attack, maybe it’s a psychosomatic disorder, maybe it’s anxiety in particular situations or other specific behaviors. One way or the other, it will be expressed since your energy system can’t handle this influx of energy without releasing it.
But there’s an alternative.
As you get this energy block and this energy stuck in some part of you due to some life event (or your own incorrect thinking), instead of allowing that energy to remain stuck, you clear it.
You allow it to flow again throughout your whole body. Instead of being concentrated in one specific area creating a road block, it’s now diffused over your whole body.
If you drop a spoonful of vinegar in a cup of water, you’ll still feel its bitter taste.
If you drop a spoonful of vinegar in a BUCKET of water, you’ll barely taste anything.
It gets diluted over your whole energy. It’s no longer a block or any problem at all.
That’s the very basic of energy unblocking and part of the work we do in the training: “The Unblocking Process”.

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