are people accepting your projection?

The way to understand the strength of your projection is mostly one:

Are others actually feeling it? Are they changing their behaviors toward you? Or not?

That’s the most important guideline.

You can be feeling it quite well inside, but have no results on the outside.

Then you know something is wrong.

Maybe they are not accepting your projection OR you aren’t projecting it correctly or strongly enough.

The first case – they are not accepting your projection – can happen on certain people. Regardless of strong your magnetism is and how well you project, you won’t please everyone.

If you really wanted for someone to feel your magnetism you would have to adapt it to a kind of energy they can accept.

But this – supposedly – will only happen in a minimum of situations. Or at least, that’s the main goal. Your magnetism will be strong enough to influence most people around you.

If in the majority of the interactions, others aren’t feeling your magnetism, then, most likely, you have a problem in your projection.

It can be a projection block, or related to the energy or about the strength of it.

Either way, it’s something you need fix if you want others to feel your magnetism.

The most common cause is a projection block. You may be feeling energy quite well inside, but are still blocking your projection.

In other words, the energy can be there but it’s not getting out. It’s like an armor is preventing it. Not only do you need to feel the energy flowing correctly inside but you’ll also need to feel the energy getting out – using your projection sources (your voice, your gaze, etc).

The most direct consequence of this problem is that others won’t be able to feel it. Until this projection block is fixed, no influence can take place.

So, if you’re not achieving the influence you think you should, feel your own projection to make sure it’s actually going out.

We work on fixing this projection blocks specifically on sexual energy, on the Become a Sexual Man training.

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