Are you a drainer or a charmer?

Baron DuPotet, the great student of the healing properties of magnetism, wrote:

“There are certain persons who when near you, seem to draw something from you, to pump you, to absorb your force and your life; an species of vampire, without knowing it, they live at your expense.”

“When near them, in the sphere of their activity, one feels an uneasiness, a constraint which is caused by their pernicious actions and determines in us an indefinable feeling.”

“You are moved by a desire to escape and to go far away from them; but these people have quite the opposite tendency; they come nearer and nearer to you, press close to you, seem fairly to wish to join themselves to you, to draw from you that which is necessary to their lives.”

“Other persons, on the contrary, bear with them life and health. Wherever they go, they seem to radiate joy and sunshine.”

“You observe that their conversation pleases and that people seek them out. One likes to touch their hands, to lean on their arm; something soothing which charms and magnetizes you, quite unconsciously, seems to emanate from them.”

“One easily adopts their point of view on things in general, and their opinions, without knowing why; and one sees them go away with sincere regret.”

I’ve often written about those persons who are on the two poles of magnetism and charisma.

One of which is a magnetism drainer, which seems to suck everyone out of their energy. Everyone wants to stay away from this individual.

And the other who is truly magnetic and charismatic who infuses everyone with their energy and drawn
people to him or her.

Most people are somewhat in the middle. They are neutral in terms of energy. Not draining too much
but also not charming too much.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s perfectly possible to have a good life like that.

But where’s the fun???

Isn’t it much better to be a charmer? Someone who infuses others with “life and health”? Someone who attracts others to himself?

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