Are You a Player?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Is a sexual magnetic man automatically a player?”

Short answer: No!

Being a sexually magnetic man or a woman, won’t automatically make you a player.

But let’s first define it so we can all on the same page:

The dictionary definition of a player is:

“a confident, successful man with many sexual partners.”

The key aspect here is having many sexual partners.

While to be sexually magnetic (whether men or woman) you only need to project sexuality around you – which leads to sexual attraction from others.

Whether you have many sexual partners or not, is fully your choice.

This may seem strange for you but there are plenty of sexually magnetic men and women who rarely have sex.

Not because they don’t have the opportunity, but because they refuse it or don’t want it.

And that’s a perfectly valid choice.

Granted, that those are usually the “natural” sexually magnetic individuals and not those like you or me, who have to train for it.

When you train to reach a certain status of sexual magnetism, you will tend to have many sexual partners.

At least for a time period. Then, I’ve seen two things happen:

1) You do become a player and end up living this type of lifestyle for a long time.

2) You settle down with a high quality partner that you found.

Sexual magnetism gives you an advantage. What you do with that advantage is always a choice.

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