Are you a rational person?

I’m sure you like to think of yourself as a rational individual.

Someone who thinks about situations and considers whatever decisions you need to take carefully.

The truth is, you may think you are a rational being but you are not.

Your decisions are based on feelings, emotions, unconscious mental images, impulses and so on.

Rationality only enters the equation later. After your unconscious already decided what to do. Rationality then becomes a way to justify your choices.

You decide emotionally, and you logically explain it later.

If you go deeper enough into your own self and most of your daily life behaviors, you’ll see that to be the truth.

When the impulse enters your mind that you need to buy a new cellphone, you’ll find dozens of reasons why you need a new one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the more rational choice or not, because you’ll find reasons why the objections to NOT buying are not applicable to you.

The desire to buy a new one already established within you, and you then logically justify it.

Don’t worry that it’s not just you, it’s pretty much everyone.

I remember I had student who was a mathematician and all his friends called him a “logical robot” since everything in his life was calculated and rationalized. He had a rational and perfectly logical reason for every decision and belief he had.

Yet, even in this extreme situation, he was driven by his own emotions and feelings. You just need to go deeper than his rationalizations to understand that.

Once you explored his beliefs and you went further than what he was saying, you could understand that this need for rationalizing everything came from a deep trauma.

We are not logical creatures, we are emotional ones.

And that’s fine. You just need to learn how to work with it.

When you understand about your internal desires, emotions, the role of energy, you are able to take much better decisions in your life.

But not all internal drives are made the same. You need to make an important distinction, which is often not easy:

Between internal drives that are you holding you back and those who want to propel you forward, that connect you to something higher.

The internal drives that are holding you back are the muscular, emotional and energetic blocks. They often arise from a fearful, anxious or overall negative mindset. They stop you from doing something you know you want to be doing.

While the internal drives that want to propel you forward is the energy that flows freely inside. It just feels right. It’s a higher type of connection.

It’s not always easy to know which is which. Particularly if you are not aware of what is really happening inside of your body and mind.

We created The Unblocking Process to help you with that. Not only you become aware of what’s inside but you also learn to let them go, so that the internal drives that want to propel you forward can act!

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