Are you affected by flattery or insults?

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“What I must do is all that concerns me, not what the people think.”—Emerson.

A great many people are over sensitive to the criticism of the world. But the people that have done the great things have performed their duties in their own way totally unconscious of other’s opinions.

They were not affected in the least by flattery or vituperations.

They were guided by their own conscience. What this told them they thought was right.

You should be better able to judge yourself than anyone else. They do not know your temperament or your mind. You know them better than anyone else.

You should care nothing for another’s praise. You are capable of praising yourself and deciding whether you have accomplished all you should.

The people that become depressed, who are continually thinking the world is cruel and unlovely and the ones that do not know themselves and the possible joy of their inner selves, are always the failures.

Their mind is so full of sadness that peace and love cannot enter. They have not learned that out of pity love is born; out of love, hope; and from hope, life. If it was not for sorrow we could not appreciate happiness.”

When you place your happiness and inner power dependent on external circumstances or people, you are putting yourself at risk.

You are placing your well being outside of your control.

If your inner power comes from having a good job and good paycheck, what happens when you are let go? Even if it’s for something not related to you or your performance.

Or what happens when your self-worth is dependent on well your boss says you are performing? What if, for some reason, you can’t perform at your best for a while?

Your self-worth, happiness, well being will all come crumbling down.

You may enter into a deep depression or a very bad state.

That’s what happens when you place all your worth and power externally. Whether in the opinions of others, or achievements.

While connection with the world and what surrounds you it’s important and essential, even more essential is the connection with your true self. This is the only unbreakable bond you need to have.

Everything else is secondary to it.

Whether someone doesn’t like you, or if your work performance is not good, or if your bank account is currently empty, your inner power and the connection with the source of your Will shouldn’t be affected.

Life has ups and downs, today you are good, tomorrow you are bad, and you won’t please everyone you will come across.

The only thing that you want to remain stable is your own inner power.

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