Are you affected by negative events?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“My question is, the more problems we have or our inability to cope with situations in life, does that mean the less mental power we have?”

We all experience negative events.

Unfortunately that’s part of life and it’s unrelated to your inner power, or any magnetism you may have.

Of course that someone with inner power and personal magnetism will attract less negative events, but you’ll never be completely free of “bad luck” or negativity.

That’s life.

And this negativity is bound to affect your internal structure.

If something is wrong in your life, it’s very hard to feel great and magnetic.

That’s why in the 10 Steps to Inner Power, you’ll find steps which aim to fix certain life issues that bring your inner power down.

There are certain behaviours, relationships, thoughts that you are having and leak your inner power, but they can – and should – be avoided.

It’s bad enough when genuinely random life events happen; you don’t need to create more.

And as you go through his process, you grow in the power inside yourself. You learn ways to deal with hardship and bad events that may cross your path.

So when they – inevitably – happen, you are prepared.

It’s important to realize that even though you won’t be at your best as you go through negative events in life, you won’t need to feel despair or clueless.

You are ready to handle what life throws your way.

That’s what we aim to achieve to inner power: when negative events happen – and they will -, even if you aren’t at your best, you can still handle them.

There’s a common question asked to all those who have done brave things in their life, facing terrible odds, – like war heroes for example -, the question is: “Weren’t you afraid?”.

And the answer is constantly around these lines: “Of course I was, but I did it anyway”.

So naturally you won’t feel great when hardship happens, of course your internal structure will be affected, you may be fearful, you may be sad, but you’ll still do what needs to be done.

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