Are you an introvert? Which kind?

I’ve realized that many students classify themselves as introverts.

Maybe it’s your case.

And I’ve told you before that introversion in itself is not a problem. You can be an introvert and still be magnetic. No problem with that.

An introvert overall is someone who gets drained by socializing and are recharged by alone time. Maybe you are very little talkative when in groups, or maybe you like talk when the mood is right.

Not all introverts are the same.

Maybe you need just a bit of alone time to recharge and you can handle larger amounts of social time before getting worn out.

Or maybe you drain quickly and prefer to spend more time alone.

It’s doesn’t quite matter since this is different for each person. Probably you are somewhere in the middle.

This “recharge period” is not the crucial aspect in terms of magnetism. As long as you respect your needs, you’ll be fine.

The crucial aspect is during the social interactions in itself.

That’s why it’s important to differentiate the “magnetic” introversion from “un-magnetic” introversion.

“Un-magnetic” introversion means that you are somewhat fearful and closed down when interacting. You are blocking energy from going out (and going in). You are inside a bubble.

You get very nervous and self-conscious in social situations.

“Magnetic” introversion means that you are open and energetically active, you are exchanging energy with the environment.

You get comfortable and expansive, even if you are not talking a lot.

It’s a matter of fear and energy contraction vs abundance and energy expansion.

Energy contraction is an enemy of magnetism. It kills your personal and sexual magnetism when you are closing in on yourself.

Energy expansion is a friend of magnetism. It allows your personal and sexual magnetism to be projected and felt by everyone around you.

And you are not required to be the “party clown” or a huge talker for that.

It just means that you are open and expansive energetically.

That’s a HUGE difference from the closed down “un-magnetic” introvert.

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