Are you automatically a leader with magnetism?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“If you have magnetism are you automatically a leader?”

With magnetism you are more prone for people to look up to you in what to do, but it won’t automatically make you a leader.

You also need to step up to the role.

Which may not be what you want. Not everyone wants to become a leader.

If you are a leader, you need to make that hard decision.

There will also be a lot more people who disagree with you and call you crazy.

You’ll be loved as well as hated.

There’s an inherent discomfort in any leadership role since you never truly know if the decision you take in name of the group is right or wrong.

It’s a role of responsability.

So there’s a personality trait needed for leadership. Of course, it can be changed and worked on, but first, you must want to do it.

So magnetism is not enough for that. You can be magnetic and not want to step up to any leadership role.

Leadership is not just about being magnetic.

But, naturally, magnetism will help you greatly in:

1) getting any leadership role you may want and

2) keeping that leadership role

3) Being the one people look up to

Our courses that handle leadership are the Personal Magnetism and Magnetic Interactions. Both of them will teach you important elements for leadership roles.

In Personal Magnetism you learn how to project your energy to become magnetic while in Magnetic Interactions you transform yourself to create impact and empathy in those around you.

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