Are you feeling it?

I’m sure that you have read about energetic concepts on your social media feeds or websites. You can often read about yin and yang, chakras, different energetic bodies and so on.

The problem is that most new age people who share/write these articles have no direct experience with it.

They have no PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE of what is yin or yang or whatever concept they are regurgitating.

It has become a concept with no basis on practical knowledge. It’s just something they read in a book – or in other internet articles – and they share it because it apparently makes sense.

So it becomes a theoretical concept, not something you can actually feel (or see).

And if that’s the case, who cares about chakras and similar concepts?

That’s why here in Charisma School we don’t theorize too much about these energetic concepts. We only talk, teach and elaborate about energies and energetic concepts you can actually feel or learn how to feel.

Makes no sense to tell you that the heart chakra is a lotus flower with 12 red petals if you won’t be able to see it.

It makes a lot more sense to understand experientially what you feel in that particular heart region.

To explore your feelings and sensations in that area.

Is it different from other areas? How?

How does it differ from knees (for example)? or from your solar plexus?

Do you feel a difference in that area in different social situations?

To know the answer to these questions is a hundred times more valuable to your life and energetic evolution than knowing the heart chakra is a lotus flower with 12 petals.

This is the exact same thing with many other energetic concepts.

That’s why you should be extremely weary of what you read and study regarding energy. It’s very easy to fall into a rabbit hole of learning more and more about energy without feeling anything inside.

For each hour you spend reading about its theory, spend 10 hours practicing and actually experiencing your body and energy.

That’s what will give you the biggest breakthroughs.

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