Are you feeling sexual energy 24h a day?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“When the sex energy is active and awakened and flowing, etc – for example when we finish the course – is it felt in the body 24 hours a day? Does a person feel ‘sexual’ the whole day without trying?”

Not in the way that you are referring in this question.

It’s not like you will be feeling sexual energy inside of you 24h a day. It will be there (and more powerfully than before, for sure), but you won’t necessarily be feeling it all the time.

For example, at this moment you have a certain energy inside of you that you are projecting. It doesn’t matter which one is it or how strongly or weak it is. But it’s there and you don’t feel it very strongly since you are accustomed to it.

Once you have a well developed and smoothly flowing sexual energy, in the beginning you will feel it more strongly, but then it will simply become a normal habitual feeling that won’t register as strong in your brain.

This is the process of energetic habituation that we discussed before.

Losing Your Motivation

With this internal energy you also change your own energetic signature.

You will have this energy flowing inside of you but then you want to change your projection in the sense of an unconscious search for sexual energy into the way that you walk, gaze, touch, speak, think, etc.

Because this is the energy inside of you, you will seek it like a radio – using the process of resonance in your own projection sources.

Then you begin to have a certain inbuilt sexuality mixed in your normal everyday behaviors – without you being that much aware of them.

It’s simply something you unconsciously seek and eventually becomes the way you are.

We all seek certain energy qualities.

Ever met those individuals so negative that you feel drained just by having a coffee with them?

Or those who seem to simply feel happy and spread their happiness everywhere?

In both of these situations, these people seek – and project – a specific type of energy as they are interacting in you. You’ll be able to feel the negativity (from the first example) on his voice and gaze. That’s this person energetic signature and what he seeks each time he speaks.

Sexual energy is one of those energetic qualities where if you have a coffee with a sexually magnetic person you can’t help to feel sexual.

This person is not necessarily feeling sexual (or negative or happy) toward YOU specifically. It’s his energetic quality.

In this process with Sexual Energy Mastery and Become a Sexual Man we are changing your own energetic signature, the quality that you are seeking in everything you do, into a sexual one.

Although this may seem a bit complicated to understand but it’s well explained in the new Charisma School book on sexual energy, which I recommend everyone to read. Free until today!

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