Are you following your purpose in life?

The knowledge, awareness and practice of energy exercises can be much more than “simply” becoming magnetic, or feeling the energy of others or the location you are in.

Your energy gives you clues of your purpose and path in life, for the right and wrong decisions… if only you can listen to it.

Your energy is the first feeling you have when something isn’t right.

When you rationally acknowledge it, your energy already gave you signals a long time ago.

For example: when you are in a job that you hate, before you started feeling bad on that job, your energy already had given you plenty of signals that this was bad for you. Most likely, even before you had applied in the first place.

The sequence of feelings is always the same: energy -> emotions -> rational mind.

Your energy is the first to acknowledge something, then you start to feel it emotionally, and only then does your rational mind catches up.

If you are deeply connected to the energy, you can figure it out a lot sooner. I’ve written before about a very interesting scientific study that displays this fact very well.

This was simply an experiment and a game… in real life, this happens everyday and every moment with every decision and behavior.

Your energy knows perfectly well what’s good or bad for you. Although it’s not always so straightforward, it’s always there, even if we can’t feel it.

But that’s not the end of the story… surely your energy can help you figure out what’s good and bad for you, but it does more than that.

When you are connected to it, it can give you a path, a purpose in life. Your destiny if you must.

And now you can ask me: “but how does your energy knows that?”. And it would be a perfectly logical question.

After all, knowing what’s good or bad can be fairly straightforward, but knowing your path in life? Where does that comes from? Aliens? God? Karma?

I’ve read many theories for that, but truth is… I don’t know for sure. And neither does anyone else. We only have theories and beliefs that can’t be proved.

So my practical nature kicked in and I simply accept it as true without knowing it’s origin or where does it come from.

I simply know that when I follow my energy and its impulses, my life is more fulfilled. I know what I’m supposed to do, and somehow I am rewarded for it. Coincidences happen, signs happen, it’s like you are inside a certain flow of life. Everything fits in.

I don’t claim to understand why and how it works, I just know it does, and how you can access it.

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