Are you in the flow of life?

There’s a particular flow when you are doing what you should be doing in life.

You can find coincidences everywhere. Such as, you are going to a restaurant to have lunch, and suddenly you meet someone who helps you through your goals. It was precisely what you needed.

Or things get easier. What was hard for you before is solved in a few minutes with no effort.

Life flows when you’re doing the right thing.

I call it being in the flow of life.

It’s like you enter a moving train; everything is smooth. You are within your destiny.

When you are in the wrong place, everything is complicated. You are outside the flow of life.

Obstacles are popping up everywhere.

It’s like you are pushing something against fate. You are constantly struggling.

You can recognize that something is wrong. You aren’t where you should be.

But sometimes, even within your flow of life, there are challenges. Just because you are within your flow, it doesn’t mean challenges and obstacles don’t appear.

They can happen.

The hard part is distinguishing when it’s a challenge or when there are constant obstacles.

In the short term, they look indistinguishable. Over the long term, it’s pretty easy to figure it out. You gain perspective over it.

Once you overcome a few challenges, you get in the flow again, and things are easier. When you are out of your flow, things are always hard. They don’t get easier.

You may ask: “but how many obstacles for me to know if I’m on the right path? How long can this go?”

The honest answer is: I don’t know. No one can know. But you can feel it. Once you are connected to the Will, you get a specific intuition about it.

You’ll know whether there are challenges within your flow or constant obstacles outside your flow.

The training of the Will is not just about achieving things; it’s also about connecting with the universe surrounding you, including where you fit in the midst of it all.

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