are you in the flow of life?

It’s important to really think and feel carefully about whatever you are trying to achieve in life since sometimes you may be on the wrong path for you.

There’s something we can call as flow of life where it seems like we are connected to whatever life is bringing to us.

Everything is effortless and fluid.

Coincidences happen. Problems get solved. It’s like you’re traveling on a highway with no cars.

When these type of feelings and events happen, you know you’re on the right track.

But sometimes everything is a lot harder.

You can’t overcome certain issues and it’s like problems appear out of thin air.

It’s like you are traveling on a dirt road filled with holes and many other cars on your way.

You are no longer connected with the flow of life.

And you can stubbornly struggle, yet, nothing happens.

While when you’re on the right flow, the struggle seems a lot less demanding and you’ll be faced with a lot less frustration.

It’s not like problems won’t still happen – of course they will – and negative feelings still arise, but you know you are able to solve them and you do. Or solutions appear a lot easier.

While when you’re out of the sync with the flow of life, you fight and fight and fight and seems like you only advance one inch at a time.

I’m sure you felt this in different periods of your life. Sometimes everything is fluid and smooth, while other times, it’s all hard and a constant struggle.

At a certain moment, a certain situation “unblocks” and you’re back on the fluid, smooth path.

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