Are you Leaving Your Mark in the World?

In your everyday life you are constantly emitting and receiving vibrations from others around you.You are constantly imprinting and being imprinted with other people’s energy and thoughts.

So we are all receivers and imprinters.

When you walk around the world aimlessly with no goals and objectives in your actions and interactions,
you become a sponge for the vibrations and Will of others.

Your Will is weakened since it’s not being used.

Your goals and objectives constantly get sidetracked.

And there’s no clear purpose.

Everything changes when you start to imprint your own intent and Will into the world, rather than allowing others intent and Will to be imprinted onto you.

You get to influence the world, as opposed to being influenced by it.

Your goals and aspirations actually have a chance to be realized.

Since you start to imprint your own vibrations, your energy actually has a chance to be out there.

This only happens through powerful magnetism and influence capability.

The magnetism will bring your intention and Will out there, ready to be picked up by others.

The good news is that most people are walking zombies just ready to be influenced by you.

I was also one of the zombies, until I woke up and started to leave my mark in those around me.

Start to imprint in your own vibrations into the world with the Magnetic Gaze Foundations course:

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